New POP Sensation Kanyi Nokwe Debut’s Single “Brand New”

The anticipation is palpable as vocalist, dancer, actress and creative Kanyi Nokwe releases her debut single Brand New to the world. Nokween Entertainment’s founder and artist Kanyi Nokwe has finally introduced herself through the release of Brand New on 5 July 2019. The pop singer wrote the song in 2015 on a cold winter’s night while working in a shack that was turned into a recording studio in Daveyton, which is where the song ended up being recorded.

Brand New then went onto travel to the iconic Downtown Music Hub where Kanyi fined tuned the song some more followed by it making its way to Sandton where the mixing master Dan Joffe laid down the final touches. “I co-produced the song with Tronix Madibe and wrote it as he was playing a melody. The melodies reminded me of the sweet morning of a wedding day. I was in love at the time and so it sparked something which reminded me of the love I was enjoying at that time.”

Brand New is currently available on all your favourite music streaming platforms. You can also LISTEN here.

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