Enhle Mbali Launches New Vodcast

Actress and Entrepreneur Enhle Mbali is partnering with Touch HD on her debut vlog and podcast for the Touch HD digital platforms titled Sincerely Yours by Enhle. The pre-recorded show will air twice a month and will “unpack meaningful and powerful topics faced by everyday people through the eyes of esteemed guests.”

In an announcement post that she made on Instagram, Enhle Mbali said, ” I have lived a full life. Hurt some got hurt plenty!! Taught lesson and been taught many. Almost lost my mind in the pursuit to happiness and ultimate love. Until I found it in myself. Woman Wednesdays have been sent to me by God and now I turned them and our pain into healing. This is my VOD (show) cast called Sincerely Yours. Here our truth through our own voices begin.”

You can watch the first episode, which is live now on Touch HD featuring Enhle Mbali in conversation with DJ Zinhle HERE!

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