Ginger Trill Releases A PIF Concept EP

It’s a big thrill celebration in the hip-hop community over Ginger Trill’s recent release of his concept EP titled “PIF”. On 19th July 2019, Ginger Trill took to social media to announce the pre-order release of the EP, where in turn fans buzzed with excitement and posted on social media screenshots of their pre-order to show support.

On 2nd August 2019, “PIF” was officially released debuting and alternating at number one and at number two on the iTunes hip-hop charts while sitting at number four across all genres.

The six-track concept EP is largely inspired by the 2002, Harlem – New York-based movie titled “Paid In Full”. “The movie is so rich and steeped in the hip-hop culture. From the slang to the attitudes and just the way of life depicted in it. The EP paints a picture of the reality of the music industry, with the fantasy of the movie Paid In Full, in so far as hustling and rapping can be seen as one thing- hustling being the main plot of the movie, of course” weighed Ginger Trill.

Stream/download “PIF” HERE.

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