4 Ways to Style Denim Shorts This Summer

Summer is the season for shorts and if you miss wearing your favourite comfy jeans, why not try some denim shorts instead? They come in a variety of lengths and colours to flatter all types of figures and can be found in most shops, as well as online. Consumer demand for fashion is high, but so is the amount of waste – over 15 million tonnes of textile and fabric is discarded every year in the US alone.

So instead of throwing away an old pair of jeans, why not cut them down into some trendy new frayed shorts instead? Denim shorts are comfy to wear, versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Worried about looking too casual? With the right accessories or layers, you can create a smart look too. No matter your size or shape, here are four ways to style your denim shorts this summer: 

1. Festival look

Denim shorts are a perfect choice if you are heading off to a festival this summer. Team them with your favourite sunglasses, a crossbody bag and comfy trainers to dance the night away. They go with everything. Denim shorts come in a variety of colours and styles. White denim looks great with striped tops and a leather jacket for a chic, stylish look. It might take you a while to find your perfect pair but we guarantee it will be worth the wait because you will wear them again and again. Why not choose a bright colour to stand out in the crowd? When the sun goes down, try adding a pair of tights underneath your denim shorts to look super cool!

2. Double denim

Wearing double denim can be a tricky look to pull off and some consider it to be a fashion faux pas. We disagree: if it’s good enough for celebs such as Victoria Beckham, it’s good enough for us. Denim shorts can look great with a denim jacket which is a staple in most of our wardrobes. So why not wear a blue denim jacket with a black pair of shorts? Wearing a darker colour below can also have a slimming effect if you team the outfit with a lighter colour on top. Adding a designer handbag or statement piece helps to modernise the look.

3. Trendy top

Try teaming your denim shorts with a pretty trendy top to look and feel fabulous. Dress up your outfit with different fabrics and patterns, or why not try a colourful, off the shoulder top and be bang on trend this summer? Wearing a crisp white shirt with denim shorts can also smarten up your look and take you from day to night easily. Try tucking your shirt into your shorts for a stylish twist and adding some cute sandals and a fitted, tailored jacket.

4. Accessories

Everyone knows that no outfit is complete without the right accessories. Try adding a long necklace and stylish sunglasses to look effortlessly cool. Or how about wearing a big floppy hat to add some instant glamour? Dress up your denim jean shorts by adding a large, multi-coloured handbag or designer piece. If you are worried about your legs, wearing a pair of high heels will add inches and make you look taller and slimmer. Larger, curvier ladies can also try out the variety of high waisted denim shorts on offer this year.

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