Rick Jade Announced their Debut Album, Da New Africa (D.N.A)

Last week, Rick Jade announced their pregnancy with the release of the “Bonita” music video. They also announced their debut album, Da New Africa (D.N.A) will drop on August 23, 2019. Now they have shared the cover art, tracklist, and features.

The public already saw Kly as the feature on “Sumtin’ New” and now Frsh Citizen and Focalistic join in as featuring artists on DNA. To explain the album, Rick Jade has answered a few questions you may have about the project.

1. Is this an album or an EP?

This is a digital album, it was made with the same integrity and attention to detail that albums in back in the day were made. The production is very high quality; all the music is complete, no skits, no interludes, no interruptions. There were no less than 3 producers working on it at a time. We guarantee no skipping of songs will take place during listening. All the music is original, with none of it being sampled.

2. Why was it important to have as many tracks as you do on the album?

We recorded so much music over the last few months, 3 projects worth of music actually. We already have our 2020 album ready & marinating in the hard drive. With it being the 10th year celebration of our love, we thought it would be fitting to have 10 songs that displayed our versatility, range, and conveyed our message.

3. What inspired the album title?

The music sounds like what new music from Africa in 2019 should sound and feel like. We are ambassadors of African art, literature, love, and spirituality. The narrative behind the music pushes the agenda of unity, the bond of family, and the sharing of positive energy. We aim to document a renewed narrative for Africa, one that is rich, bold, and unapologetic in its artistic expression. A narrative that is opposite to the one of poverty, war, and divide. The making of this music coincided with the life of the child we are carrying, we will be giving birth to a new generation of Africa, so this is beyond just music for us.

. If you had to describe your sound in a sentence, what would you say?

Our sound in one sentence: The GLOBAL AFRICAN SOUND.

In one word: GAS 

5. What’s been the best part of producing music together versus working apart as you have in the past for the majority of your careers?

It’s been completely organic; nothing was forced. We always wanted to share stages together, now we get to do it through our own music. We’ve learnt so much more about ourselves in this period and more than anything it’s solidified our union even more.

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