Riky Rick Launches Cotton Festival 2020 Artwork

Following the announcement last month of the second annual Cotton Fest taking place in February 2020, festival curator/festival founder Riky Rick together with his team today launched the festivals highly-anticipated artwork. The second edition of the festival is taking place on the 1st February 2020 at The Station (Newtown).

Having created great buzz and interest in the culture last year, the focus was placed on the creation of new and improved artwork for the second edition of the festival taking place next year. As done with all events, the brand logo this year was used on various promotional material including the merchandise, posters, flyers and TV ads.

“Apart from the huge support we got from young people last year, the love we received for our simple logo was just insane. We were never ready for it to be honest. So we decided to flip it up again for the festival next year, we kept the aesthetic clean and fresh. We included some feel-good characters to the logo. We tried to keep in tune with the drip, keeping in the fun and lightheartedness” says Cotton Fest’s Riky Rick. “Hope the kids and culture love it because it’s all about them. Looking forward to their response and support as always of course.

The team realised it’s popularity within the sub-culture when various graffiti pieces popped up in and around Johannesburg. Young stylista’s adapted the merchandise and kept rocking it at events over the past few months. Social media was abuzz months after the festival took place. The LOGO had made a statement and wasn’t going anywhere.

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