Miguel Pregueiro Releases “My Baby Says She Loves Me”

The latest release from South African pop artist, Miguel Pregueiro, might surprise his existing and continuously growing fanbase, as My Baby Says She Loves Me is unlike anything he has released in the past. With this song, Pregueiro introduces listeners and fans to more of his emotional side, parts of him not seen that clearly before.

And although the song itself is still deeply rooted in his signature Spanish sound, the lyrics clearly reveal the contradictions in a relationship of someone saying one thing, but their actions showcasing the opposite.

When asked what inspired him to write the song, he reveals: “I thought of the title of the song long before I even started working on anything else, but from the word go I didn’t want it to be a love song. I wanted to tackle a relationship where one person keeps saying all the things you’d want to hear, but they don’t live up to these expectations they’ve created when it truly matters – in fact, just doing the opposite. I think it’s safe to say that just about everyone has been in that kind of situation at some stage, so I’m rather confident that people will be able to relate to it and once the lyrics sink it, probably nod their heads in agreement.”

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