Kelello Drops Third Studio Project “ice cold” as an Independent Artist

A myriad of emotions with high energy coupled with slow mellow notes that symbolize the stages of heartbreak, betrayal, dismay and acceptance. These are the emotions evoked by ‘Ice cold’, the second studio single by the talented musician Kelello. 

Kelello broke into the music scene under the moniker ‘MsKelle’ with the track ‘Mr. Mean’ in 2016 followed by the EP ‘Brazen Soul’. She then took a step back from the music industry and has since returned with a sound and name that speak to her authentic nature. The song speaks to the betrayal caused by infidelity and captures the internal debate at that moment. The song opens with the lyrics “I don’t want to share you, don’t know how we got to this place” and ends with the haunting line; “she walks in my shoes, she lays in my bed with her eyes closed” – Betrayal.

The German-born singer/songwriter draws inspiration from her exposure to multiple cultures to bring forth an intensity to her music and lyrical complexity, that identifies closely with the feeling of growth, overcoming and becoming.

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