Nasty C and an International Artist to Perform at Constitution Hill

On 23 November 2019, Russian Bear will host an epic event that will see fans, Nasty C and an international artist perform one of Nasty C’s hit songs together at Constitution Hill, Johannesburg. The event is about flipping the script and having consumers at the centre of this monumental collaboration, which will be beautifully filmed and exploded on MTV Base as well as multiple other platforms, with all attending fan names in the video credits

Joining the fans and the two superstars will be some of South Africa’s biggest artists as well as the amazing #IamNext winner, Onke Nomangola aka NankOo. Not only did NanKOo win the title of #IamNext, but Russian Bear plugged him into the music industry with a fresh music video and will do so yet again, by putting him on for a performance at #BeUs.

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