Streaking Sets the Stage for Sensational New Afrikaans Romcom

A serial streaker and a paramedic set the stage for the Romcom of the year, which is currently being filmed in East London and will make its on-screen debut on Heritage Day 2020. Local audiences can soon look forward to a hilarious new Afrikaans romantic comedy by Boondogle Films. A far cry from their most recent works – fiction feature Tess and the documentary 1994: The Bloody Miracle – the new film promises lots of humour, sport, and high-adrenalin fun!

Produced by Boondogle’s Paul Egan and Meg Rickards (who is also the director), KAALGAT KAREL tells the story of Karel Venter, a guy who loves the thrill of streaking during sports matches – and the accompanying social media stardom! He falls head-over-heels for the paramedic who saves him after a streak gone wrong, but there’s a problem; she’s a strait-laced single mom who has no interest in his streaking shenanigans.

“Paul was intrigued by why someone would do something as crazy as streaking at a sports match, and even more so by the crowd’s reaction – despite the disruption to the game, the crowd seemingly almost always loves a streaker,” says Meg. “So, we started researching streakers and what makes them tick. We wondered what would happen if a streaker fell in love with someone who disapproved of their activities. This got us thinking about social media and how it creates a ‘connection’ between people — but is this virtual connection enough?”

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