Slim BLVD and Moonchild Sanelly Are Ready To Rock 2020

From the looks of things, Slim BLVD’s March Madness has been well received by the public. This work of love and respect for hip-hop was his reintroduction to SA’s music industry, and with it out for the enjoyment of his fans, Slim is teasing even more music to come.

His relationship with Moonchild Sanelly is immediately recognizable as long time confidants and a friendship that feels like family. While Slim was out of the limelight, Moonchild laced her upbeat verse for “Uya Rocka.” Not to rush the process, and being a perfectionist (sometimes to a fault), he knew not to officially release the song.

The single is still in production, with another big featuring artist in the works, but for now, “Uya Rocka” is something to enjoy – if only for a moment. Listen to the new song HERE!

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