Converse’s Unity Campaign: The Sneakers

Converse’s Unity Campaign involves 5 key South African artists that have been tasked to visually depict the African experience of the COVID-19 virus in a way that breathes a refreshed message of hope, strength, positivity, and survival into the classic white Converse Hi-top. With a unique take on the ideals of African expression each artist’s design namely Fhatuwani Mukheli, Sindiso Nyoni, Nardstar, David Tshabalala, and Falko Fantastic, is now available for sale for pre-order on Converse’s website

Each limited-edition sneaker will be customised with only 75 pairs available per design. In the efforts of giving back to an establishment that has been affected by the pandemic, Converse has selected the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund in which all net proceeds will go to following the sale of all sneakers.

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