Love Above Everything in Bongeziwe Mabandla’s “Jikeleza” Video

Bongeziwe Mabandla is making a plea for love above everything in the video for “Jikeleza” off his latest album iimini. Shot on location outside of Johannesburg, the video is a mesmerising, one take narrative that shows how traumatic moments can be left at the wayside when the pull of love is right in front of you.

Jikeleza means ‘Go Round’, and it is about that moment when you realise how powerful the feeling of love is,” explains Mabandla. “The song is also about our universal need to connect. It is about those things that bind us and make us the same.

The video amplifies the power of love in its depiction of someone coming out of a difficult situation but running towards love, at all cost,” says Mabandla. “Our character is always moving forward and towards something great; he’s coming out of a traumatic moment but is heading towards something that is precious.

Directed by Thati Peele, and produced by Allison Swank of Giant Films, “Jikeleza” adds to the growing body of visual work – including “Khangela” and “Zange” – accompanying Mabandla’s celebrated new album. “With ‘Jikeleza’, I want to put the attention on what the character is running towards, not what he’s running away from. It’s an invitation, too, to take a journey with me on this realisation and life truth. It’s about putting love and connections above everything else.”

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