Sazi Mba Offers Consulting Services for Creative Freelancers

Sazi Mbalekwa, who is a producer, production manager and freelance career consultant is taking her advice and tips for freelance creatives from URL to IRL with one-on-one consulting to assist independent creative contractors in securing the bag. 

Having worked on the sets of major motion and commercial productions, Sazi Mbalekwa is a budding young expert in her field. Using her now four years of experience in full-time freelance creative projects, Sazi is inviting more young South Africans to explore the over-mystified yet highly gratifying world of freelancing with her career consultancy offering. 

With the hopes to clarify what is often misunderstood about freelancing in the creative industries, Sazi produces easy-to-access educational and advisory videos for new and prospective freelancers through her over-20 000-strong combined social media platforms, including YoutubeInstagram and Twitter. Content covered by Sazi includes pitching yourself for opportunities, quoting, negotiating with clients and navigating creative entrepreneurship amongst others. Clients can look forward to practical tools that will aid in legitimizing their freelance operations and attracting new clients. 

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