Unathi Shares Heartfelt Letter to her Parents in Celebration of World Letter Writing Day

September 01 marks World Letter Writing Day, an opportunity for people to remember and embrace the handwritten word. The day calls on children and adults to pick up a pen or pencil and write a letter to a loved one, a role model, or even a younger or future self. To help celebrate the day and pay tribute to the art of letter writing, BIC is kicking off a #WriteWithBIC challenge in South Africa. Unathi has taken up the challenge by writing a letter to her parents. Watch her read it below:

There’s incredible power in the pen (and pencil),” says Lillian Henderson, Marketing Director for BIC South East and Central Africa. “The ability to put words and pictures to paper is a gift – a tool for expression and to show how you progress through life. From learning how to write, through to exams, love letters, signing one’s first contract, and beyond, there’s something very special about the act of writing. As a brand, we are always looking to create meaningful experiences and we hope that the #WriteWithBIC challenge will help promote self-expression and creativity within our audience.”

As a brand that plays a role through all life’s moments, BIC encourages the public to take a moment to reflect, engage their creative side and pen a letter of their own in celebration of World Letter Writing Day. The challenge is on to get writing! Write a letter, post a picture using the hashtag #WriteWithBIC before September 7th , for a chance to win one of five valuable BIC Stationery hampers. 

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