Andisiwe Boya Takes Audiences to “STONE TOWN” in Photography Collection

South African documentary photographer Andisiwe Boya (27) has
released his limited photography collection called STONE TOWN. The collection features images taken in the ancient town of Stone Town, in Zanzibar, where Boya sets the stage for a town rich in history and full of heritage.

I have always wanted to travel the African continent and document it’s stories in a way that portrays it’s people differently to what we’ve seen in the news and not seen in a lot of travel art and photography; Africans portrayed as layered humans beings with stories – not powerless subjects or caricatures for culture”, says Boya.

A limited number of his prints will be available in Tecco Matte Archival paper. Each piece is framed, numbered, titled, signed & framed. Collectors can visit to view the full collection and place an order for delivery.

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