Stones & Bones Breakout Two Sensational Tracks for the Summer

Today marks the release of ‘Uthando’ and ‘Rain’, two summer anthems from South African house duo Stones & Bones. The band have worked endlessly over this year’s lockdown months to deliver two uplifting house grooves that will elevate your summer and help you forget about any hardships experienced in 2020.

‘Uthando’ ft Halala Gumbi is the dance track that is set to ignite the fire and passion is the hearts of all music lovers. Uthando is a love song about how real love can endure the hardships and struggle of a relationship. ‘Rain’ ft Candyman, Manashe Musiq also dissects matters of the heart and draws attention to the time and energy invested into reconnecting to a lover. Exploring the reasons why you fell in love in the first place, to be vulnerable with your partner, to encourage trust and to let go and open up.

Stones & Bones undoubtably wear their hearts on their sleeves with these two records which ultimately lead them to the title of their forthcoming EP “In the Name of Love”, set for release in October 2020.  If ‘Uthando’ and ‘Rain’ are anything to go by, their highly anticipated EP will be tugging at the heart strings of not only South Africans, but fans all over the world.

Download/Stream ‘Uthando’ feat. Halala Gumbi here: Click Here

Download/Stream ‘Rain’ ft Candyman, Manashe Musiq here: Click Here

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