A New Luxury Spirit of the Cape Celebrates South Africa’s Most Iconic Beach

Born of the sea, Clifton Gin is an iconic new addition to the luxury spirits sector. The vision for this ocean-inspired signature set of gins, founded by South African born Silvana Bottega, was the sheer refreshing burst of the Atlantic Ocean and the soft golden sand of the Cape’s most exclusive beach, Clifton.  

I am a real thalassophile. If I think of my happiest times, they are always linked to the ocean,” says Silvana.

“Villas overlooking Cannes in the French Riviera, summer parties in St Tropez with beautiful people, Nikki Beach bar in the Costa Smeralda and the sandy tones of Scorpios in Mykonos, falling in love over cocktails at Cala di Volpe or magical sunsets in Bora Bora, or island-hopping on yachts as far afield as Indonesia – all around the world, the power of the ocean is hypnotic. Clifton for me is the epitome of the spirit of the Cape: the spectacular beaches, the ocean I love and the ocean that links us together. It’s about memories of sun-kissed days in bikinis and warm summer nights wearing silk dresses. The gin we have created is liquid sunshine in a sip.” 

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