Chef Nti Launches Online Store

Renowned TV Chef, author and businesswoman; Chef Nti has just launched an online store where she houses her own range of sauces and spices. Inspired by authentically South African flavours, the products represent her pride in our heritage and food.

With a straight-out-of-the-pot taste, the sauces are reminiscent of and true to the traditional Chakalaka and tomato relish “Ushatini” taste, just like how mom made it. The packaging has been rebranded to fit her brand aesthetic making the offering visually appealing.

Chef Nti’s all new spices, All Purpose Meat Rub and Multipurpose Umami give your food aroma, colour, flavour and texture. The flavour combinations are set to bring out the best in any meal, making you too a certified chef.

Chef Nti is on a mission to celebrate, innovate and share South African flavours and culinary culture. Drawing inspiration from Soweto, her mom and gran, she displays her pride for her heritage through food. Her dishes are a true reflection of her adventurous spirit and her love for homegrown flavours. Shop now

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