Tamara Dey, Ami Faku and Davina Gordon Join Sun-El Musician on the T-Roc Unlaunch Lineup

In what’s promising to be one of the most unusual launch events of the year, some of the country’s most interesting acts have been added to the bill of the ever-intriguing and always-evolving #UNlaunch series.

There are some tickets still available for Johannesburg’s three-day instalment the weekend after next (Friday 27 to Sunday 29 November) but Cape Town and Durban’s events are selling out fast. 

It appears that not only do people want to see the unveiling of Volkswagen’s new SUV, the T-Roc, but they are also hungry for live events, entertainment and experiencing something a little different. All in a Covid-19 compliant setting, of course.

What can you expect? The first part of your journey starts online at www.TRocUnlaunch.co.za where you can register for a chance to attend one of the 30 small events in three cities, picking a timeslot for you and a partner. Each event is two hours long and for only 100 people, ensuring a safe and sanitised experience.

Valued at R450 per ticket, each event includes refreshments and entertainment, all on the house if you are selected to attend.

On event day, you’ll arrive at the registration area and after a Covid check, you’ll be able to self-drive a bold new Volkswagen T-Roc through and past five giant installations, which is what makes it an UNlaunch: it defies the odds to be extraordinary and is totally unexpected.

Once your drive is complete, you will enter an opulently dressed cocktail finale area in a quirky Instagrammable setting, where you will be treated to show-moment performances, ballet, music, art, and delicious Musgrave Crafted Spirits.

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