Durban’s Hottest Hip Hop and Urban Talent has a New Home.

Maleningi Records launches March 2021 to develop and showcase the finest musical talent from across that region. Maleningi Records is well on its way to solidifying its place as the show stoppers of the SA music industry. With more than half a dozen new artists signed and multiple releases to radio, this record label is taking the fight to the big dogs with an energy that is undeniable, a spirit that is unshaken and a mindset that is built to win.

The company is taking business seriously, making sure the musicians reach the widest possible platforms so that all of SA can bear witness to the greatness that can be achieved when you have a formidable team in place. Durban is no stranger to being a hugely influential player in the South African music scene and lays claim to the birth of several Urban subgenres and music stars. Johannesburg and Cape Town are often regarded as the leaders in Hip-Hop. Through Maleningi Records, Durban now has a horse in the race – a horse with a thirst for victory and a hunger for success.

Lex LaFoy

Their roster of homegrown talent includes Audio Simz, Lex LaFoy, DJ Wobbly, Celestial Mic and many more. The artists boast an immense belief in their abilities as well as the skills of their label mates, which is a true recipe for success in the competitive nature of hip hop and rap music. As Celestial Mic, a lyrical machine, aptly puts it, “We keep on rapping so people know what actual rap should sound like.”

Lex LaFoy – First Lady of Maleningi Records – Is no stranger to thriving within the cut-throat and male-dominated hip hop scene. From as early as 16 years old the formidable Red Hill MC has gone toe-to-toe with the best of the best the city has to offer. Once she had totally dominated the local scene, she headed to the city of gold where a promising acting career opened up for her. True testament to the versatility and pure talent that is Lex LaFoy.

DJ Wobbly

The most recent new single release comes off the back of signing DJ Wobbly with his new single Kumawa Dawg. DJ Wobbly is the poster child for identifying and promoting talent in the SA music industry. Through his Djing career, he has blazed trails that brought us great artists such as Gemini Major, Witness The Funk, Dream Team and Nasty C to the mainstream.  Having come from dance background , he knows exactly what gets the people moving and it is no surprise that Maleningi Records identified him as one of the new stars of KZN.

TeabagCC, Lex LaFoy and DJ Wobbly are just some of the names to look out for as Maleningi Records propels Durban to the front of the SA Hip-Hop pack. 

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