SABC1 to Launch new Travel Reality TV Show Titled Shay’iRound

The vibrant, new travel-reality show is all about celebrating the beauty of South Africa as each episode takes viewers on a special holiday experience – all without leaving the comfort of their seats at home. The show is presented by a fresh new face, Zola “Zee Lovin’” Mhlongo who injects her own personal brand of energy into every episode. 

Zola is a popular radio and television personality who works between Durban and Johannesburg, but for the next 13 weeks, she will be living out of her suitcase as she accompanies several local travelers on their fun-filled holidays. Zola gave viewers an idea of what’s to come as she said, “This was all once a heartfelt prayer. I’ve gotten the opportunity to explore the country and its hidden pockets and meet beautiful people. SOUTH AFRICA IS IN FOR A BEAUTIFUL SUPRISE “

The season ahead promises to be an exciting trip (no pun intended!) as each episode sees a different group of travelers exploring a different, proudly South African destination. From the mountains of the Drakensberg to the plains of Gauteng; Shay’iRound is putting local travel back on the agenda in 2021 but content remains queen as each episode takes you into the lives of the travelers. 

DJs Sphectacula & Naves

Celebrity guests including DJs Sphectacula and Naves, the BMW Brotherhood which includes SABC1’s Daily Thetha presenter Melody Miya and a host of recognisable faces and influencers will be taking turns to share their holiday stories with South Africa during each week’s adventurous episodes.  Ordinary South Africans also get to see themselves featured as the stars of this reality.

Featuring a host of dream destinations and engaging storylines each week, the show is produced by Croc Media – a black-female-owned production company with roots in KZN, based in Johannesburg. Croc Media’s executive producer Khanya Ngwenya led the way in expressing the company’s excitement at the new show.

She said, “This is an exciting series for us, we get to explore and expose our beautiful country and its beautiful people to the nation on primetime TV – in the country’s biggest channel!  It’s been a long time coming for the concept but this is the right time for it to hit the screens – the Tourism sector needs the boost right now and we’re happy to be a part of breathing life back into this key sector of our economy…  This is truly a dream fulfillling moment for us!” 

Join the journey from Wednesday the 7th of April at 6 PM on SABC 1 (DSTV Channel 191) as we document a series of unforgettable travel stories. 

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