Msaki Releases Visuals for her New Single “BORN IN A TAXI”

The official music video for Msaki’s hit single “Born In A Taxi” is out now on YouTube. “Born In A Taxi” is a single off her latest Platinumb Heart Open acoustic album, which was released in November. “At the beginning, I wasn’t planning on writing love songs. I was making a protest album and had been consumed by a stream of acidic songs or spinning out of a haze of confusion and anger, processing the heartbreak of realising there had never been a rainbow; nor was it safe to be black, or poor, or a woman here,” Msaki says on the creative process behind the track.

“I heard “Born In A Tax” playing on the radio and heard what it was: a love song, an attempt to stay supple. My voice cracked in a key too high as I sang “don’t leave me blind” and there began the love songs part of the album,” she says. 

Msaki spent a week working on string arrangements for the “angrier” songs, along with the sonic and philosophical problem solving, taking long walks in the park in search of softness to balance the fight.

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