DJ Liquidator Drops New EP

Greater Power Remix EP is a compilation project of different remixes of Dj Liquidator’s 2018 sensational afro house song Greater power featuring Mbali Soul & Tsholo Papo, which was his first solo project. The EP consists of two editions; one Amapiano edition and the other a House/Afro House edition. The Amapiano edition was released on […]

Zoë Modiga Drops Her Much Anticipated Second Album

When talking about great bodies of work, Zoë Modiga’s new album Inganekwane must be included. The sophomore offering of Inganekwane, translated “Zulu fairytale” entails introspection that reveal messages of identity and reflects on the myth of blackness. The 16-track body of work is a powerful lyrical album of storytelling through jazz and is nothing short of […]