Tresor’s Café Roux Performance Sold Out

Leading the pack to defining the new African Pop sound, multi-award winning singer and songwriter, TRESOR, will be performing material off his newly released The Beautiful Madness album to a SOLD OUT Café Roux in Cape Town tomorrow, Saturday, 10 June 2017. Patrons attending TRESOR’s Café Roux performance tomorrow night will enjoy dinner as well as an hour long set by TRESOR performing […]

Rock Hopping to Marion Island

When Admiral Horatio Nelson set sail in the early 1800’s aboard his flagship, the beautiful wooden- walled Victory, he had a crew complement of 850 men. Aboard the Victory were stores that could last for 4 months without the need to revictual, or even to see land. Those stores were not as bad as are […]

Mzansimoodboard Presents: Word to the Womyn Of Colour Series

The Mzansimoodboard ‘Word to the Womyn of Colour’ series is all about celebrating the beauty of African womyn in their various fields of creativity, influence, collaboration and the significance of working together and building one another as African womyn. This is represented in the current social stance of womyn of colour who create; trying to come together and to […]