Lady Litsa’s “You Are The One” Tops Charts on V-Live

Vocalist, songwriter and music entrepreneur, Lady Litsa is testament to many that with the right market and audience, getting top placement on music charts isn’t rocket science. Backing local music is at the heart of what TurnUp Music does and it is a great pleasure to see one of our stars, Lady Litsa, topping charts on Vodacom Live with her single, “You Are The One.”

Lady Litsa has been obsessed with music from a very young age and intrigued by how songs were conceptualised and began writing and performing her own music at the age of 12. Her inspiration for the song “You Aare Tthe One” was born out of a real love story of chemistry, love and that feeling of ‘No one else exists.’ “You Are The One” was written for love, about love and the butterflies it brings.

You Are The One” is available for download on Vodacom Live



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