Adidas & Reebok Sue Counterfeit Sneaker Sellers

Adidas and Reebok are going after Instagram sellers who are distributing the brands’ counterfeit versions of their sneakers. In a suit filed on 9 April, Adidas and Reebok claimed that more than 50 online sellers have infringed the trademarks of both brands by “promoting, selling and distributing goods” that bear counterfeits which bearing similarities to original iterations.

The defendants – which are of “unknown makeup,” but likely China-based – are “advertising [and selling] these goods … through the simultaneous operation of, at least, one Internet e-commerce store or social media account via the Internet marketplace websites or social media platform,,, or” with the “knowledge and intent that such goods will be mistaken for the genuine quality goods offered for sale by Adidas and/or Reebok.”

The suit also takes aim at social media platforms like Facebook, where these sellers boost their presence and profit by paying for sponsored posts to promote their fake goods.



Via: featured image cred: hypebeast

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