New Year, New Ice Kream Flavours

Cheesy title but we like it LOL. Happy New Year, fam! As most of you may have new year resolutions or new vibrations, fresh energy, new life goals whatever you wanna call it – we also have a few new items up our sleeves. This one, for starters, will be a run-down of the week’s trending conversations. It’s not going to have the same title like this one above, but will solely focus on whatever topic we’ll be covering that particular week. So here it goes;

We really wanted to shine some light on Burna Boy standing up to Coachella about the name / font size thing.  By doing so, he encouraged us to look deep down in ourselves and figure out how much we know and understand our worth. But, the R Kelly doccie really took over everything and that is a REALLY important (and super disturbing) issue and conversation that we as a human need to engage in, especially in the world we live in right now. If you haven’t watched it yet, please go on Mrworldpremier or watch it here.






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