Don Design Launches Loungewear Fashion Capsule

Visionary South African hip-hop creative, Don Design, has delivered a loungewear fashion capsule range inspired by one of the biggest lockdown search trends, the tie-dye, which has evolved from its original counter-culture roots into a designer artistic expression. Don uses a premium cotton while the print itself moves away from the traditional tie-dye swirl, with its bright multi-colours, in favour of a more minimalist, modern, and diffused pastel look with a roomy, oversized fit.

“The range is inspired by the desire to distract myself from the literal and figurative amnesia brought about by being stuck at home in a timeless state. As I couldn’t go out and source material, nor be inspired by being in different places, I wanted to create something that expressed myself through DIY. Overall, the look is a merge of urban culture with the nostalgia for happier, care free times,” says Don.

Something for summer and easy to wear, the seven-piece fashion capsule, in collaboration with Smirnoff, is expressed through a bucket hat, men’s graphic tee, ladies slouch tee, ladies biker shorts, men’s slouch shorts and socks.

Known for his quirky iconography, this Don Design drip is no exception and the logo – “MTWTFSSM” – is a clever mash up of Don Design’s MondayToMonday clothing brand logo and the Smirnoff logo, a play on the innovation of South African pop culture and an amplification of Smirnoff’s #OntoTheNext hashtag.

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