Sipho The Gift Drops New Single Ahead of His Highly Anticipated EP Release

Rapper/producer Sipho The Gift started making music by emulating what he’d hear when growing up but quickly learnt that he wanted to tell his own story culminating into an exhilarating, thought-provoking and cleanly produced sound that can be described as introspective rap with melodic elements that are inspired by other genres.

About the single:

The lead single “BITTERSWEET” follows a protagonist wrestling with his opinions on love, its phases and coming to terms with how he really feels about the girl in his life. It’s produced by Papaheight and I with additional production by Oshoku (of innanetwav) 

About the EP:

The single will come with a pre-save link for the EP. DO FOR LOVE blends the best of old classic soul music and blends it with modern trap elements and will basically be a cyclical narrative that celebrates the process of finding love. It will feature guest appearances from DALI DANGER and HANNA. It’s co-produced by Pretoria-based Papaheights and me with additional production from Oshoku and mixing and mastering are handled by me as well.

Both the single and the EP pre-save are available here

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