Naye Ayla Releases her EP Titled ‘Every Feeling’ as an Independent Artist

Naye Ayla released her EP ‘Every Feeling’ as an independent and unsigned artist on all digital streaming platforms. In the time since her release Naye has continued to put her imagination, creativity and passion for the arts to the challenge and to push the boundaries as to what a South African independent artist can offer, especially as a black woman in the arts, media and entertainment industry.

“Breathe Me, is about a woman’s certainty in her own magic. Coming into the confidence to say what she wants and to share how she feels about herself. It’s soft but affirmative. Inviting, warm and in the visuals use several different elements to highlight the softness and purity of woman energy. We use water, fruits, plants, flowers and materials like silk and lace and very neutral colours in the styling of the video. We also used lighting to create a contrast between the scenes where we see her by herself which are usually a little darker and deeper in colour, and the scenes we see her with a man, which a lighter, almost fantasy like. Strengthen the idea that she may be a magical experience. The video was meant to be simple and light and easy to digest. It should make you feel pretty inside.” – Naye Ayla

Naye has achieved this with her latest offering, which is the official music video to her single off the EP, ‘Breathe Me’. Calling on the assistance of director Nolitha Nondzaba and working alongside together, Naye and Noli were able to co-director a visually breath-taking experience. Working independently, Naye had to dig deep within her own untapped creativity and; choose the aesthetics and colours of the video, design the sets used in the video and be the stylists on set as well.

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