Umlilo’s New Documentary Spotlights Queer Reality in South Africa

South Africa’s Queer Avant-Garde artist, Umlilo’s new documentary produced by Black Sheep Films and directed by Swiss journalist Cristina Karrer and produced by A.L.V. The film titled “Mask” looks at Umlilo’s avant-garde career thus far as they straddle making thought-provoking music and art against a volatile political backdrop of LGBTQ+ rights in SA, the rise in hate crimes and the development of a gender-neutral ID document.

Umlilo also hosted a special live streaming event to showcase their latest work titled “Lockdown Jams”. The concert, sponsored by ConccertsSA, SAMRO and DAC amongst others, showcases different versions of Umlilo’s acclaimed songs as well as new songs looped live and stripped down.