New Music Exclusive: Mawat & Kid X – Papbap

Durban born and Johannesburg based rapper Mawat is releasing a new single to be titled “Papbap”. As a follow up to his recently gold certified
single ‘Inanda’, Mawat saw fit to repeat the kasi inspired theme through ‘Papbap’ this time calling on rapper extraordinaire Kid X as a collaborator.

The rag to riches themed single tells of a transformation from being a
struggling individual to being bread winner who is “Papbap”. The slang “Papbap” can be loosely translated as “Good or Sorted” a financially healthy status being celebrated throughout the song.

This dusty, kwaito infused Hip-Hop track boosts with a catchy sing-along sang by the SAMA award winner Kid X and verses by Mawat who appears to have found comfort in his husky voice and township inspired lyrics. Stream or download the new song HERE!

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