Flying Fish Launches Ghost Kitchen to Encourage Responsible Drinking

In 2020 SAB and other industry members committed to the industry social
compact with Government that focuses on reducing the harmful consumption of alcohol within three areas: reducing drink driving, underage drinking prevention and reduction of binge drinking. SAB also implements social norms marketing to change social norms around harmful drinking. One of the ways our consumers are being encouraged to do this is through the launch of a ghost kitchen with its irreverence and fun brand, Flying Fish.

Flying Fish is all about doing things differently and responsibly, so that every experience with our beer is a positive one. So how does a brand that knows you can’t enjoy yourself to the fullest without well, a full stomach, put out a serious responsible drinking message to South Africans? We do this by staying true to who our brand ethos, we are the same loved
brand, but one with heightened focus and relevance to the lives and livelihoods of our customers by empowering them to make smart drinking choices.

In a world-first innovation, the brand’s opening of its very own kitchen on Uber Eats – The Flying Dish Kitchen is an unprecedented move that sees an
alcohol brand serving food instead of drinks. All this to get people to remember to line their stomachs before they enjoy a Flying Fish.

In support of this, SAB believes we have a responsibility to the community to save lives and livelihoods, this has been demonstrated through our Global Smart Drinking Goals aimed at fostering a culture of smart drinking amongst consumers and reducing the harmful consumption of alcohol. We are also making a deeper investment in evidence-based initiatives that measurably shift social norms and behaviours to reduce the harmful use of alcohol.

Zoleka Lisa, VP of Corporate Affairs at the South African Breweries (SAB), says as the leading beer manufacturer in SA, we are a purpose lead brand that is unwavering in our ethos and commitments to charting the way in inculcating a culture of responsible consumption. This is not just a once off campaign for us, but rather a solution necessary to protect both lives and livelihoods.

According to Tegwyn Hughes at Queen’s University, the science to eating
before alcohol consumption is clear; the fat in food sticks to the stomach’s
lining for an extended period while drinking, slowing the process of the alcohol flow into the bloodstream, therefore extending the amount of time a person is sober and enjoy themselves to the fullest. The Flying Dish partnership with Uber Eats will feature a select menu of consumers’ favourite pre and post-groove meals, as chosen by them, and includes collaborations with South Africa’s notable chefs and local restaurants
to deliver delicious bites to consumers. Ensuring that whenever they think Flying Fish, they think food and eat before they drink.

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