James Blake will be on Season 6 of Texx Talks Music Podcast

South Africa’s favourite Instagram Live performer, singer and songwriter, James Blake will be on Season 6 of Texx Talks, the nation’s go-to premium music podcast. Continuing what has been a Meisterful sixth season of Texx Talks featuring in-depth interviews with South African artists like Dee Koala, Rouge, Reason, Francois van Coke, and more, this upcoming interview with the Godspeed singer promises to get to the centre of what makes the musician’s lyrics so relatable, going viral on Tik Tok and his upcoming album slated for an 8 October 2021 release. 

“I remembered that it was something that I could perform, so then I started performing it at a couple of live shows and then eventually it ends up being this recorded version and widely Tik-Toked version,” Blake says of his surprise on the viral success of Godspeed 

Known for his mystique around his career, James Blake and Texx Talks fans alike are being treated to a rare opportunity to hear Blake speak on his journey in music and working with some of the world’s biggest acts from Frank Ocean to Beyoncé, in one of his first interviews since 2020.

“James Blake is such a monumentally important voice in modern music that being able to talk to him before he dropped his first album in four years was the biggest honour, and our conversation really reinforced the idea I had of him being very in touch and in tune with the current zeitgeist and the complex emotional state that a lot of us are in at the moment,” says Tecla of her time with Blake.

Season 6, Episode 8 of Texx Talks with James Blake drops this Thursday, 9 September 2021 across all major podcast streaming platforms. 

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