Styling Concepts Celebrates African Designers this Heritage Month

With Heritage Month coming to an end, Styling Concepts would like to highlight the South African designers showcased in the Styling Concepts showroom throughout Heritage Month. Celebrating designers such as Tshepo, Inga Atelier, Ascend Label, as well as Hebrona in honour of Heritage Month

In case you missed it, here is the brief heritage of each of these local innovative brands:

TSHEPO offers a range of bespoke denim clothing and ready-to-wear products. Their decision to specialise in denim is due to its distinctly nostalgic character and its ability to tell stories.

The Tshepo logo – a three pronged crown – is inspired by the three women to have played a role in the upbringing of Tshepo Mohlala – his mother, grandmother, and his trendy aunt. These women shaped him into the man he is today. Each peak represents a women that shaped him into the man who wears the crown. Shop the look:

INGA ATELIER showcases traditional African design to a global market without clichés. Handmade African artistry on a mission to share their expertise with the world.

Inga Gubeka’s expertly crafted line of luxury leather goods are made with pride and exude a unique heritage. Shop the look:

ASCEND LABEL is a range of gender fluid and versatile pieces that can be worn in different ways.

Designer, Nicole Ncube, aims to rewrite societal norms and aims to represent the LGBTQTIA+ community as well as support women empowerment. Shop the look:

HEBRONA offers a range of elegant and stylish, yet simple, shoes made for every woman, for any occasion.

Designer, Malebo Tladi, selection of shoes is based on design, quality, comfort, freedom of expression and embracing individuality. Shop the look:

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