Alpha Industries Takes Flight in The Heart of Sandton City

With more than 60 years in the industry, the brand continues to evolve
and grow by making Alpha Industries more accessible to the consumers. Wednesday 1 March 2023, marked the occasion of the first Alpha Industries flagship store in South Africa, and only the second in the world! Alpha Industries invited over 100 guests to explore the store and to celebrate this momentous occasion with American inspired food, drinks, and great music.

In 1959 Alpha Industries was commissioned by the department of defence to design and manufacture high performance outerwear for the US Military and went on to become one of the biggest suppliers of apparel for the US military. The brand quickly became trusted by soldiers,
sailors and aviators to protect them from the most dire conditions across the land, sea and air. Today, Alpha Industries’ mission is to protect and inspire heroism in all forms by outfitting men and women to realize their limitless potential. The love for the quality, design and aesthetic of the brand made Alpha Industries a sought-after apparel supplier among people around the USA and the brand instantly turned into a fashion

The store boasts impeccable features that make you feel you’re about to take flight into an adventure, with a partially exposed steel aeroplane wing suspended from the store ceiling, airstrips as you walk through the store, dark charcoal steel fixtures with track lights and even bright orange nylon straps with ratchets. The launch of the concept store was star-studded with fashion enthusiasts including the likes of;
Maps Maponyane, L.Tido, Kim Jayde, Yasmin Furmie and Mihlali Ndamase.

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