PUMA and Davido Create “We Rise by Lifting Others” Collection

Sports company PUMA and Nigerian musician Davido have together created a Sportstyle collection, which captures Davido’s philosophy and
sends a strong message of supporting others. The collection, a beautiful mix of Nigerian culture and current trends, consists of a tracksuit, t-
shirts, shorts, and hats, featuring the vibrant green and white colors of the country’s national flag.

Each piece has been carefully designed by Davido to ensure comfort and style. When working on the collection, Davido said he felt inspired by the philanthropic work of his father which had a strong influence on his own philosophy in life: “’We rise by lifting others’ is a quote I have always loved,” said Davido. “It means that as I grow, I want other people to grow with me.”

Each piece of the collection is emblazoned with the same motto. By choosing these clothes, Davido’s fans and the wider audience are not only wearing modern shapes but also spreading a message of encouragement to those around them. Davido is one of Africa’s most successful music artists with more than 20 million followers on social media and four successful albums to his name. Through his music, Davido continues to transcend the concept of time, trends, and fashion as a certified hitmaker.

His new album TIMELESS will super serve core engaged fans while strategically connecting with new audiences. The collection is available from April 7, 2023, on PUMA.com and PUMA retail stores.

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