House of Rubicon Share their Heritage at SA Fashion Week

House of Rubicon delved deeper into their strong heritage as their latest collection was showcased at South Africa Fashion Week this past weekend. Drawing inspiration from the military’s crucial role in safeguarding the ancient Mapungubwe kingdom, Rubicon celebrates its 21st anniversary as a Fashion  Institution and cultural cornerstone with its new collection, ‘Mapungubwe Militaire. Showing at SA Fashion Week for A/W ‘24, the collection is a powerful tribute to the enduring spirit of South Africa.

This collection is a nod to Founder and Head Designer, Hangwani Nengovhela’s maternal heritage. The A/W ‘24 collection honors the prosperous era of Mapungubwe when the military stood as the stalwart shield, protecting the kingdom’s king, great wealth, and invaluable resources from potential threats and sieges. It was their unwavering loyalty, truth, and strength that ensured the kingdom’s continued prosperity and security.

Rubicon’s Founder and head designer, Hangwani Nengovhela is introducing the ‘Mapungubwe Militaire’ collection saying “We’ve embraced the classic elegance of a monochromatic black and white color scheme as a disrupter to the traditional army green. Our monochromatic colors symbolize the timeless allure of the military tradition and remind us of the indomitable spirit of the nation.”

The ‘Mapungubwe Militaire’ collection is a marriage between the ethereal and the practical which features functional pockets, double-breasted designs, structured silhouettes, combat wear, and tactical accessories. The A/W ’24 collection presents the purity of purpose and the unwavering truth that has guided the military throughout history.

Incorporating intricate patterns reminiscent of Mapungubwe’s lush landscapes, we reference the kingdom’s rich history. These patterns, much like the warriors of old, symbolize the nation’s enduring resolve. Music for the show was from Venda’s own legendary musician / actress Maduvha Madima.

“With the ‘Mapungubwe Militaire’ collection, the Majestic Rubicon Queen is invited to embody the essence of royalty while simultaneously embracing the role of a feminine modern warrior,” said Nengovhela. “While wearing the collection, she’ll carry forward a legacy of strength, grace, and determination that has marked.

Guests in attendance at the showcase included media mogul Basetsana Khumalo, Mrs Mrs SA Jo Judnick-Wilson,  the fashionable Yasmin Furmie and business powerhouses Irene Charnley and Charmaine Houvets.