Bigstar Johnson Drops Winners Anthem, “Fede Sho” Feat Stino LeThwenny

Following the soulful musicality displayed on his Oscar Mbo collaboration “Look Around”, multifaceted rapper, producer, singer and songwriter, Bigstar Johnson, continues the momentum for his upcoming culture-shifting sophomore album “Ceasar” with the riveting street anthem “Fede Sho” featuring dynamic duo Stino LeThwenny and produced by critically acclaimed beatsmith Asid on the beat. 

Success breeds jealousy, and every now and then, haters have to be addressed. After realising that affiliation and gatekeeping control the game, the do it boys and Johnson respond to adversity by releasing a game-changing single poised to ignite the airwaves, transcending seasonal boundaries to become a year-round anthem. 

“Fede Sho” resonance connects intimately with those who have confronted adversity, defiantly standing tall in the face of doubt. Its message is resoundingly clear: “We acknowledge your presence, but persist nonetheless fede sho. We gon do it our own way.” This mantra encapsulates the unwavering spirit of pressing on, regardless of the challenges encountered. It serves as a battle cry and a shield against negativity, a constant reminder to rise above. 

Speaking on the infectious single Bigstar Johnson shares: “Fede Sho is an anthem for anybody that’s ever been hated on for being themselves, for being their cool selves. ‘Fede Sho’ is a record for the winners winning on their OWN TERMS.”
“Fede Sho” embodies a movement, urging all to embrace the fire within, with its triumphant notes becoming the soundtrack to victory for its listeners. Be sure to request “Fede Sho” on your favourite radio stations and connect online with Bigstar Johnson for more music news and join the road to the release of his sophomore album, “Caesar”. Listen to the new track HERE.

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