Yaya Mavundla’s Dress at the Feather Awards Highlights Grindr’s Troubling Realities

The South African transgender activist, awarded best styled personality at the 15th annual Feather Awards, wears a Queer Comfort gown adorned with media headlines highlighting Grindr-related incidents and hate-crimes. Mavundla hopes to compel the government to address and protect victims, emphasizing the urgent need for action amid reports of ongoing crimes and insufficient response from law enforcement. “We’ve witnessed a surge in reported cases, yet the perpetrators continue unabated. While some are in custody, many roam freely,” says Mavundla. 

Emphasizing her fashion label’s commitment to activism and the pressing issue faced by the LGBTQ+ community. Using the Feather Awards as a platform, Mavundla sheds light on the challenges the Queer community faces, addressing the lack of police urgency in LGBTQ+ crime cases. The dress serves as a statement, making the world aware of the conditions endured by the Queer community and urging government attention. 

Speaking about her win as best styled individual, emotional Mavundla said she is grateful for this award as it is great affirmation that she is great and the award will get to inspire many transgender people who mostly feel unseen, unworthy and constantly are overlooked even at their best. 

For me winning a Feather Award is like holding pure Gold with my own hands, it is so special and it is so important for a woman like me. I am grateful. I hope this will be a great example to many transgender people to know that they are worthy, beautiful, deseving and yes they can do it too.” concludes Mavundla.