Introducing Mbali (Blossom) – Soweto International Film Festival

“We are incredibly honoured and humbled to announce that our film, Mbali “Blossom,” will be screening for the very first time at the prestigious Soweto International Film Festival on the 25 of November 2023. This opportunity is a dream come true for our dedicated team who poured their hearts and souls into bringing this story to life. We are deeply grateful to the festival organizers for selecting our film and providing a platform for many voices in cinema. “Mbali Blossom” is a labour of love, a story that we hope will resonate with audiences and leave a lasting impression. We look forward to sharing our film with the world, and we are genuinely thankful for this incredible opportunity to showcase our work at such a renowned event.” Co-director of the film Makere Thekiso said.

Mbali “Blossom,” is a touching narrative inspired by true events. With an engaging storyline created by Zintle Ncipa. “Mbali Blossom” is a captivating story inspired by a real-life story, portrayed by phenomenal actors. 

Writer and creator of Mbali, Zintle Ncipa takes audiences on an emotional, gut-wrenching and visually stunning journey with her latest creation, a short film deeply rooted in a person’s real life. Drawing from her own experiences growing up in the rich cultural tapestry of the Eastern Cape region, Ncipa weaves a heartfelt narrative that transcends generations. “Mbali Blossom” is a poignant exploration of heritage, personal growth, the unbreakable bonds between family and the intergenerational exchange that happens with women as African people.

Seasoned actress Katlego Danke steps into a new role behind the scenes with her directorial debut in the poignant short film, “Mbali Blossom.” Having graced screens for decades with her compelling performances, Katlego Danke has now transitioned from in front of the camera to the director’s chair, showcasing her multifaceted talent and creative vision.

Makere Thekiso, a distinguished director, has earned widespread acclaim for his portfolio of short films. His work has graced the screens of over 50 esteemed film festivals worldwide, captivating audiences. We are thrilled to announce his return as co-director for the upcoming short film titled “Mbali Blossom,” a project that promises to further showcase his exceptional talent and creative vision.

MBALI follows the poignant journey of a young girl named Mbali Starring Thembi Zikakala, who discovers the complexities of love at a tender age. Set against a backdrop of innocence and growth, the film narrates the touching tale of Mbali’s affection for a charming young boy Ndoda, played by Given Stuurman. With an undeniable charisma, Ndoda, a smooth operator, weaves his way into Mbali’s heart, forging a connection that spans from childhood through their teenage years. However, as time progresses, they find themselves facing challenges that put their bond to the test.

Date: 25 November 2023

Venue: Maponya Mall  Ster-Kinekor

Time: 16:00pm

The film beautifully depicts the intricacies of their relationship, exploring themes of friendship, family dynamics, and personal growth. Raised by a single mother while still maintaining a connection with her grandfather, Mbali’s journey is one of self-discovery, pain in love and resilience. Mbali learns that love and pain can be intertwined. The film’s 30-minute duration provides ample space to dive deep into the characters’ emotions, making it a truly immersive cinematic experience.

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