Full Circle Moment for AKA and the Megacy at SAMA29

AKA was South Africa’s Moltitalented legend, who was able to step out of just making hip hop and take it a notch higher by making feel good music that speaks to people from all walks of life. AKA is known for using classic samples of SA songs that we love, and using them as a backdrop to the influential messages tied to his songs. The good spirited person energy he possesses, means coming together with him on a track can only produce a fine collaboration. This came so easily to the great Bhova, it was always a hit and never a miss!

This year at the SAMA29 Supamega is nominated 8 times in 7 categories, the most nominated artist who consistently continues to inspire and deliver timeless music. Added to the Megacy Wall of fame are 3 prestigious awards:

  • Best Engineered Album (Mass Country)
  • Best Collaboration (Lemonade)
  • Best Male Artist

Besides being a great artist, he was also a great producer. From Ivy League days, till his passing, his approach to producing has always oozed sincerity.  Mass Country is a beautiful refection of that and was unarguably celebrated and most importantly honoured. Truly a body of work with AKA’s fingerprint on it, these are anthems that will live on for years to come. Winning Best Engineered Album means the world to the team that worked closely with Bhova on the project. What AKA wanted to do, was to create an album the people of South Africa could embrace and cherish, he succeeded and this award solidifies that intention.

Supamega was always good at expressionism, which champions how great of a person and musician he is, a deserving Best Male candidate. Accepted by Lynn Forbes on his behalf, who spoke on how this was a full circle moment for the family. She was moved by South Africans and thanked the country and continent at large. Truly grateful to The Megacy who came together to take AKA’s name to greater heights. Long Live Supamega, Long Live!