Dj Lag & Mr Nation Thingz Release Viral Tiktok Song ‘Hade Boss’

Mr Nation Thingz originally teased ‘Hade Boss’ on TikTok in December – a collaboration he’d been working on with 2023 SAMA Best Gqom Album winner DJ Lag. What they didn’t anticipate was how much the song would blow up on TikTok and champion its own dance challenge, long before it was finalised or had a release date pinned down. Thousands of fans will be pleased to know that ‘Hade Boss’ is now officially available on all streaming platforms. 

According to Mr Nation Thingz, “‘Hade Boss’ is about talking to his boss, telling him that he wants his annual bonus now that it’s December because he wants to go party and have fun. He wants to experience the summertime, and play with the other kids.” Essentially an anthem for pens down and vibes up.

Mr Nation Thingz may sound unfamiliar to some, but he’s amassed nearly half a million followers on Instagram and regularly draws large crowds at his performances. He broke onto the South African music scene in 2021, but his first major hit ‘Tholakele’ became a national success in 2023. When he began working on ‘Hade Boss’ his first instinct was to send a direct message to DJ Lag on Instagram to collaborate on the track, and the rest is history. Also featured on the track is KC Driller, a DJ, producer and songwriter who has previously collaborated with DJ Lag on their joint hit ‘Shululu’, featuring Loki.

DJ Lag is no stranger to releasing national hits, with his most recent collaboration with Blxckie becoming a local sensation. Starting 2024 with a banger, ‘Hade Boss’ is set to become the anthem for this year’s summer. Stream ‘Hade Boss’ HERE.