Lukhanyo Mdingi to Exhibition at Constitution Hill.

Internationally awarded South African designer Lukhanyo Mdingi’s eponymous label has always been a vessel in which design acts as an instrument. Through this vessel, a comprehensive record can be kept that is both contemporary and historical, of human ingenuity in South Africa and Africa at large. His latest exhibition The Provenance Part II opens at Constitution Hill in Johannesburg on Thursday the 4th of April and ends on the 17th of June.

Since being a joint winner of the LVMH Karl Lagerfeld Prize, which led to showcases on the official calendar of Paris Men’s Fashion Week, the label has steadily used the spirit of time and consideration to cultivate its unique point of view at its own pace. This led to the label garnering the attention of the AMIRI Prize committee which proceeded to it becoming its recent winner for 2023.

Part II is co-curated by Visual Artist Banele Khoza.”The Provenance Part II, is an exhibition that focuses on the preservation of Archives, looking into the deep lineage of Bantu indigeneity and Black Consciousness in South Africa that has manifested. Through themes that highlight, Textiles, Literature and Music, this body of work is forged and kindles the flame of its intellectual and creative expression. “Explains Mdingi.

This edition of Provenance encourages a curious inquiry into the role of colonialism and mission-work in South Africa’s history, and how the introduction of certain frameworks across these three themes have become integrated into our forms of expression – always with the foundation of indigeneity at the center.  

“The practice of research is inherently already part of my design process. ” Says Mdingi. “There is so much that people see of the finished result, however so little within the development and research process, which is just as important. The intention here was to invite a larger community to understand the root and premise of what we do and how we approach. The format of curating an exhibition felt like the most natural way of achieving this.”

With the continuous spirit of collaboration, Part II is co-curated by Visual Artist Banele Khoza together with The MANOR behind communications strategy – each collaborator demonstrates their ingenuity as to how each of these themes can showcase the transformation of raw materials, language, and sound into intricate expressions of Culture, Art, and Identity. 

The rich political history of Constitution Hill resonates to the spirit and has a nuanced sensibility of the project.” Says Mdingi of his location choice. ” Within the divided themes in the exhibition, each theme centres around black consciousness within the context of South African history, Constitution Hill serves as the most ideal backdrop to represent our latest offerings.”

It is important to Mdingi “That different demographics of people have the opportunity to see this exhibition to see more context behind where we come from within these themes of Textiles, Literature and Music. Exploring this project has been a personal journey for me and what I found along the way has been a revealing  experience of continuous inspiration – I hope that there is a sentiment of this feeling that can be felt by those that choose to immerse themselves in it.