Enter Nando’s HYD 2024!

Entries are now open for the fifth iteration of the Nando’s Hot Young Designer (HYD) business accelerator opportunity. For this iteration, participants are invited to design a screen, a pivotal element in every Nando’s establishment, both indoors and outdoors. The objective is to create a screen that is not only relevant and functional but also decorative and distinct, adding to the overall ambiance of a Nando’s restaurant. Entries close June 28th, 2024.

The Nando’s Hot Young Designer business accelerator opportunity stands as the centrepiece of the Nando’s Design Programme and ranks among South Africa’s premier biennial design initiatives. Over the years, this platform has propelled numerous local design careers, including that of Thabisa Mjo from Mash T. Design, who emerged as one of the inaugural competition winners in 2016. Mjo has described this opportunity as nothing short of life-altering, citing it as the catalyst that “changed the trajectory of my entire life”.

Managed by Clout/SA on behalf of Nando’s, a purpose-driven enterprise, creative agency, and business-to-business (B2B) market-maker for South African design, the Hot Young Designer (HYD) opportunity embodies a profound ambition. Clout/SA seeks to ignite the emergence of a globally recognized South African Design Category Brand by nurturing the next generation of young South African design talent. Enter HERE.

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