Kenza Releases “Unozala” Faturing Msaki, Ami Faku, and Mentor Sun-El Musician

Kenza, a talented up-and-coming producer and DJ has dropped a new single titled “Unozala”, featuring the vocals of renowned South African artists Msaki and Ami Faku, and produced under the guidance of mentor Sun-El Musician. “Unozala” is a captivating and soulful collaboration by Kenza, the extraordinary vocal talents of Ami Faku and Msaki, with a special feature by Sun-EL Musician, is a track that delves deep into themes of emotional introspection, urging a sense of calm and personal healing. 

The lyrics beckon listeners to embrace serenity and time’s healing touch, while the chorus’s poignant repetition of “Ndithathekile” evokes a deep, unexplainable bond, vividly portraying love and yearning. Interwoven with a touching conversation with a mother, the narrative showcases the profound impact of new relationships and their transformative power. With a signature style that shines in blending rich, melodic soundscapes with heartfelt rhythms, further elevated by electronic sophistication, creating a unique musical experience that blends contemporary flair with traditional African roots.

It stands out as a track that delves into the intricate layers of love and emotional depth, poised to resonate deeply with its audience. Regardless of your musical taste, be it soulful ballads or groundbreaking production, this song promises a captivating and immersive journey through its rich soundscapes. Kenza’s talent caught the attention of South African musician and businessman Sun-EL Musician in 2019, leading to his recognition in the music industry. He began his journey as an emerging artist, debuting alongside Claudio as part of the duo Claudio & Kenza, and expanded his influence through collaborations with artists like Simmy and Mthunzi.

Transitioning into a solo artist, Kenza collaborated with Ami Faku on his debut single, “Sihlobo Sami”, in 2021, followed by his debut EP “Fly Away,” and has since worked with notable artists such as Sun-EL Musician, Black Coffee, Msaki, and Zolani Mahola, earning a SAMA award for his contributions to her project. Stream now on all major platforms: here

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