Cassper Nyovest and Pearl Thusi Bring #ConspicuousSaving

In a social experiment which had fans at once confused and cheered, Sanlam collaborated with two of the biggest celebrities of the moment, Cassper Nyovest and Pearl Thusi, to bring the country #ConspicuousSaving.


The experiment aimed to demonstrate the value of being thrifty, taking money seriously, avoiding debt and actively building wealth. Because ultimately, the more we save the more domestic wealth the country has, which makes it easier to fund investment, jobs and better living standards.


The usual celebrity lifestyles were replaced by more frugal choices over a series of a few weeks in July, opting to mend their own clothes, get a roadside haircut, Airbnb-ing their house and using UberX over more expensive chauffeurs. The change in behaviour had fans deeply curious, many guessed something may be up – but most were highly appreciative of the frugal posts as they could really relate to the need to cut back.

As good as it gets and half the price #Dope #LocalStyle

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“Finding the right partners was critical and both Thusi and Nyovest are highly professional people who manage their money extremely tightly and who have come from very humble beginnings to where they are now. They know the value of a Rand,” says Yegs Ramiah, chief executive of Sanlam Brand.

Look out for the full documentary – which will be out on 22 July.


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