Nike Africa and We-Are-Awesome Celebrate Creative Women in Mzansi

Out of Many, I Am 1” is a short film exploring the lives of creative women in South Africa featuring professional dancer and choreographer Tarryn Alberts (better known as BOOM BOOM), TV personality Loot Love and illustrator Karabo “Poppy” Moletsane.

Out of Many, I Am 1_Karabo “Poppy” Moletsane.
Karabo “Poppy” Moletsane

The film follows the women around Johannesburg as they discuss the challenges and hurdles they have overcome prior to their breakout successes in their respective fields, while sporting the new Nike Air Max 1 Ultra Flyknits.

Out of Many, I Am 1_Tarryn Alberts
Tarryn Alberts

It’s been three decades since the Air Max 1 debuted visible Air, a radical technology that transformed footwear design.  Today, the silhouette marks another milestone: it pairs with transformative Nike technology Flyknit.  It is redefining the sneaker industry, similarly to how Tarryn, Loot Love and Karabo are redefining being women in Africa.

Out of Many, I Am 1_LootLove

“Being a woman in Africa is interesting and possibly one of the most trippiest experiences ever,” says Loot Love. “I’m 27, and technically part of the born free generation. The way my world is and the way my mom’s world is, is completely different. I have more options, just as a woman, the fact that I work, that I’m very independent, and that I’m in entertainment, is something that actually wouldn’t have happened for mom as a black woman and an African woman.”

The film was launched by We-Are-Awesome and released on HypeBae.