5 Tracks You Need In Your Life This Week

Today has been super-crazy for me and I’m so sorry for the late update, but better late than never… right? I hope you’ll enjoy my selection this week, as much as I enjoyed playing these songs this past weekend. I finally made time to watch the BET Awards 2016, and you’ll see in the playlist below that Bryson Tiller was my main highlight for the show (after King Bey and Kendrick Lamar’s powerful opening number).

1. Bryson Tiller – Exchange

How smooth is this guy though? Like, I get those naughty-sexy-marry-me-now feelz listening to this song {LOL}. Waiting for that when bae will say “So, give me all of you in exchange for me”… someone needs to add this line in their wedding vows man!

2. Moonchild Sanelly – Rabubi

I swear I want to be as vibrant, nonchalant and a free-spirit like Moonchild Sanelly when I grow up – she’s one of the best local talents that the music industry should look out for. I love her.

3. Jhené Aiko – Beautiful Ruin

This one is my number one favourite song on Jhené’s Souled Out album, so soulful, sexy and a masterpiece of cosmic proportions. Just listen to the whole album when you get time, it’s fucken amazing!

4. G-Eazy ft Bebe Rexha – Me, myself and I

At first I thought this was Drake’s song – but then the gods of the internet, Google that is, was like “Bitch you lying” {LOL}. Heard the song on the radio last weekend and I think the presenter forgot to back-track announce (or whatever the radio term is). I’m glad I found it on the webs eventually.

5. Kanye West – Fade

Teyana though!!! This is also our video of the week, just cause this woman is everything in this video!

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